COVID-19 Letter From Our Administrator

COVID-19 Letter From Our Administrator

Hello Family and Friends of Plymouth Rehabilitation and Health Care Center,

I would like to personally thank you for your patience during this very unusual time we are all facing. This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we appreciate the support and kind words of encouragement we have received. We continue to monitor and look to our state and federal governing bodies on updates for Covid-19.

Most of you already know that we are an Athena Health Care Systems’ managed center, which means we are part of southern New England’s largest provider of skilled nursing and post-acute care services. As such, we have access to many policies and procedures to plan for such circumstances and access to additional resources for planning and contingencies.

Some of those contingencies include ensuring that we have adequate staffing in times of natural and other disasters and access to needed provisions to ensure uninterrupted care of our residents, including food, medical supplies and other necessities.

Our center has many policies and procedures for regular cleaning and infection prevention protocols, all of which we follow daily. During flu season and certain times of the year, we are at an increased level for infection prevention. We are now at an even more heightened level. We have stepped up our typical cleaning and disinfecting schedule that would be in place during flu season to include an enhanced cleaning schedule and upping our surface cleaning on high contact areas, to name a few.

We all have many questions on Covid-19 and will leave that to our local and national leaders to share. However, we know one of your biggest questions is, “how can I visit with my loved one?” Plymouth R&HCC is in the being stages of implementing computers and laptops for resident to utilize Zoom, FaceTime and/or Skype.  More information to follow on this process very soon.

As soon as we know of any changes to the restrictions on visitors, we will let you know. We will provide email updates as often as possible. If you have Facebook – please like and follow our page and look for updates at

Plymouth R&HCC will soon begin having weekly “Town Hall” conferences with families and responsible parties to review any facility updates and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  These calls will happen weekly for approximately 45 minutes each at two different times during the day, to give everyone an opportunity to attend.  Please send your email information to, if facility does not have already and we will add you to the weekly invites once this calls begin.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience during this time,

Michelle Newcomb, LNHA


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