Inside Athena: Two Plymouth Housekeepers Pursue Passion for Nursing

Inside Athena: Two Plymouth Housekeepers Pursue Passion for Nursing

PLYMOUTH, M.A. — Rosana Paes Szekely and Maria Lucia Ambrozio were watching their co-workers at Plymouth Rehabilitation & Health Care Center provide compassionate care to residents and knew that’s what they wanted to do.

They both pursued their C.N.A. license over the summer of 2023. They both worked at the facility in the housekeeping and laundry department before and wanted to continue their career at the Massachusetts center.

Rosana Paes Szekely (left) and Maria Lucia Ambrozio (right) at Plymouth Rehab.

“I love to take care of people so I think it’s the job for me,” Paes Szekely said. “I can stay with people, talk to people, take care of people.”

Paes Szekely wants her residents to know they are more than just a person at the center who is there for care. She uses the time she has with each of them to build close connections and create an atmosphere of positivity.

“I like to show the residents I am there for them. I am there if they have more than dressing or cleaning needs,” she said. “I enjoy talking to them and show them that they are important.”

Ambrozio said she saw the care being provided while working in the laundry and wanted to do the same. Using Physical Plant Director Frank Domingos to translate from her native Brazilian language, she explains how she wanted to take care of the elderly folks in her community and enjoys seeing the satisfaction in their faces when she provides care.

She joined the center in 2019 and has fallen in love with the facility, her team, and what being a C.N.A. allows her to do.

Both C.N.A.s are from Brazil and moved to the States within the last five years. Paes Szekely enjoys sharing her culture with residents who are interested in learning and is often met with questions about the food and the country she is from.

She sees herself pursuing further nursing in the future and continuing her career with Plymouth Rehab.

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